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Joyce Bressler has a unique style all her own!
All paintings are original watercolors and are for sale. 
Please note,  some sizes are with a mat and frame. Prices vary by size.


"Sunflowers" 18x24

"Floating Flowers"


"Luscious Leaves 25 x 35 with frame #470H $700.00

"Golden Flowers"

"Frolicking Leaves"

"Butterflies are Free"

"Golden Leaves" Smithtown Arts Council

"Rainbow Garden" 25 x 35 with frame #454H $900.00

"Cactus with Flowers"

"Plaid Leaves" 24 x 36 #453M $450.00

"Lilies of the Field" 19 x 25 with frame #504 $450.00

"Rhododendrons" 18x24

"White Camellias" 22 x 30 no frame #467 $400.00

"Purple Passion"

"Aloe Leaves" 35 x 25 Watercolor

"Midnight Desert" 24 x 36 $500.00

"Waltz of Flowers" 22 x 30 no frame #466H $500.00

"Bamboo Rhythm" 24 x 36 $450.00

"Caladium Leaves" SOLD

"Florida Palms" SOLD

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